Zainal Abidin Rahman



Competence Strategies International Singapore


52 Woo Mon Chew Road

Singapore 455128

phone: (65) 6876 0850

cell: (65) 975 20670

fax  (65) 6241 5952




Zainal is an internationally recognized NLP Trainer and Coach operating out of Singapore. After several years in a senior position in a large organization, Zainal left his job and became the founder of a busy and thriving training business. The company that he founded is called Competence Strategies International, and provides practical, skill-based training and coaching services to corporations and individuals, using NLP as the core change technology. Zainal also works with students, and has helped thousands of them cope better with their studies and develop a positive abundant mindset. His training/coaching work brings him to other Asian countries, as well.

Zainal is a qualified accountant and has taught at several MBA programs. He received his Masters Degree in Human Resource Development from the George Washington University. His expertise in Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets combined with his NLP skills makes him a congruently powerful presenter of the WealtyMind™ program. He facilitates the powerful principles of The WealthyMind™ Program both through his 2 day workshops and through one-on-one coaching. Zainal lives in Singapore with his wife and has 3 grown-up children whose performance in school and in their outside life gave him much pride.