Become a WealthyMind™ Trainer

As an international WealthyMind™ Trainer, you will receive the following benefits and features:

      • An extensive WealthyMind™ Trainer’s manual that will give you step by step instructions for teaching the WealthyMind™ Program, as well as the background information that was used to create the WealthyMind™ Program.
      • The ad copy that is currently being used for the WealthyMind™ Program.
      • The written transcripts from two previous WealthyMind™ Programs, giving you an excellent picture of the language that we use.student
      • An electronic copy (in PDF format) of the WealthyMind™ Program booklet used by the participants during the class along with two hard copies of the program booklet.

In addition, you’ll receive:

      • Your contact information and biography will be added to the WealthyMind™ website.
      • You will be able to teach the WealthyMind™ Program anywhere you want in the world. There are no geographical limitations!
      • You will be able to attend any future WealthyMind™ Programs and Trainer’s Trainings with Tim and Kris Hallbom for FREE of charge.
      • You will be embarking on an amazing journey into a newly expanding field of human potential and development. The WealthyMind™ Program is currently being taught all over the world, and continues to expand. 

Recommended qualifications to become a WealthyMind™ Trainer:

• NLP Practitioner Training or some experience as a Coach, manager or mentor 

• Experience in training people, or managing groups of people

• Full alignment with the NLP Presuppositions

• Some experience in doing belief change work is preferred, but is not mandatory.

Apply to become a WealthyMind™ Trainer:

You can become an international WealthyMind™ Program Trainer by contacting Tim and Kris Hallbom by e-mail at: Explain briefly what experience you have working with or training groups of people, your NLP training experience, doing belief change work and any other experience you feel is relevant. Be sure to include your contact information, phone number and e-mail address.

We invite you to join the international roster of WealthyMind™ Trainers. Click here to see the list