Vicki Adaway

Birmingham, AL


Adaway and Associates

P. O. Box 531291

Birmingham, AL 35125

phone: 205-307-8046



For more than 20 years, Vicki has been in the ‘helping’ profession. She began as a registered nurse, looking for what might make an extra difference in the traditional medical system. As a result, she is known as a trailblazer, bringing some of the first ‘family of origin’ recovery programs to Alabama, designing programs of care for families and their loved ones who suffer from the psychiatric complications of Alzheimer’s Disease, and as a ‘change agent’ for those wanting change via NLP trainings, individual counseling or coaching in her private practice at Lifesource.

Vicki is known for her creativity, skill and intuition. Her credentials include a Registered Nurse degree, Masters of Science in Nursing, ANCC Board Certified Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist, Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer of NLP. Vicki’s passion is in assisting people to achieve their wealth and financial goals. Working with the elderly brings to the surface that providing for one’s self and one’s aging parents is tremendously enhanced with abundant resources, especially financial resources. The WealthyMind™ Program is an effective way to help people fulfill wealth, abundance, success, spiritual and financial goals.