How You’ll Benefit from the WealthyMind Training

The WealthyMind™ program has been taught to live audiences in over 20 countries, helping thousands create more of what they want in their lives. During this life changing training, you will learn the most powerful belief change process in NLP there is. You will also have the opportunity to change and update your limiting beliefs around wealth, success or anything else that could be holding you back in your life. 

In addition, you will learn the Nine Keys to Bringforthism and how you can use these keys to consciously create and manifest more of what you want. By the end of the program, you will leave with a variety of tools and resources to live a more happy, peaceful and abundant life.

Here are the top 18 ways you will benefit by participating in this life changing program:


    • Attract the money and wealth you truly deserve … not the smaller sums that you tell yourself you should be grateful to have
    • Break through the unconscious, self-imposed limitations that are holding you back … so you can create more happiness, peace and abundance throughout every area of your life. 
    • Discover the Nine Keys to Bringforthism, which will allow you to consciously create whatever you want.
    • Learn how to have a more balanced and peaceful life, and find joy and gratitude in every moment.
    • Develop a greater and more guided sense of purpose … so you can act with increased confidence and ease.
    • Resolve the painful memories of your childhood that may unconsciously limit you at work and at home. 
    • Increase your confidence and peace of mind in every situation. 
    • Find the time and energy to pursue any dream you want … and dramatically increase your chances of succeeding.
    • Recognize and act quickly to take advantage of opportunities that arise.
    • Attract the resources, funding and support you need to make your business or dream project a success.
    • Discover your true purpose and calling in life.
    • Better manage your money and resources… so you never again have to pass up opportunities or scale back your plans because funds are running low.
    • Develop a greater understanding of what makes you “tick”.
    • Forgive people who have hurt you in unforgivable and unforgettable ways.
    • Let go of pain, shame and other emotional baggage that is wearing you down.
    • Stop letting other people’s opinions and expectations keep you from pursuing your dreams and achieving your biggest goals.
    • Attract unlimited wealth and success—more than you’ve ever dared to dream of before!
    • Develop greater confidence in being able to do anything you want to do!

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