Takahito KO

Kanagawa, Japan

email: airsoulaqua@gmail.com
Facebook: Takahito KO


Takahito Ko's credentials:


  • The Society of NLP (Christina Hall)
  • The Society of NLP (Richard Bandler)
  • American Board of NLP (Tad James)
  • Master Trainer of American Board of Hypnotherapy
  • Time line Therapy Trainer
  • NLP Coaching Trainer (ABNLP)
  • The WealthyMind™ Program Trainer
  • Lab Profile Trainer & Group Coach


Takahito has been conducting training sessions right after he got certified by Dr. Christina Hall in 2008.  The total of certification trainings he offered amounts to twenty-two courses, more than 1,700hours.

During these past four years, he was appointed to assist worldly-known NLP/hypnotherapy experts such as  Tad James, Stephen Gilligan, Shelle Rose Charvet, etc. because of his enthusiastic, friendly attitude and exceptional NLP/hypnotherapy skills.

In addition to these trainings, he has been supervising a massive translation project; that is, translating the "Living Encyclopedia of NLP" created by NLP Comprehensive in Colorado, USA.

Before "falling in love" with NLP, he was in the fashion industry, and worked for a classy high-end department store in Japan as a purchasing manager.  Even then he was interested in non-verbal aspects of symbolic and semiotic meanings expressed in fashion.  He read numerous books on linguistics and structuralism.  For example, Roland Barthes' "Systeme de la mode," all the books by Claude Lévi-Strauss, and finally he discovered "Metaphor We Live By" by Lakoff and Johnson. Since then he literally got addicted to the study of language/linguistics.

After 5 years he spent in the fashion industry, he got head hunted by Japanese biggest retailing company, 7&i Holdings, and he worked as a chief director of its think tank, researching consumer behavior and psychology.

He is such a diligent researcher that in the beginning of this year, 2012, he has studied Crea Graves model, and ever since learning about "Clean Language" and "Symbolic Modelling," he is thinking about submitting a research paper to the Japanese cognitive linguistics association since he is a member there as well.