Sylvia Kessler

Elkhorn, Nebraska


Handwriting Expert, Forensic Document Examiner
phone: (402) 331-3447
Cell: (402) 850-6464


Sylvia Kessler is known as a highly effective consultant, therapist and trainer, with more than 25 years of diversified experience to offer her clients. In the late 70's she became a Court Accepted Handwriting Expert and that started her journey of learning more about human behavior. Completion of Silva in 1980 prompted her to investigate other systems that produce change and self reliance. She has studied with the some of the leaders in the field of NLP and received her Masters Certification from NLP Comprehensive in 1991. Over time she has a developed a protocol, using NLP along with a variety of techniques, that produce rapid healing on all levels of awareness; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and now with The WealthyMind™ Program… financially!

She is known as "The Ultimate Pathfinder" since she uses her knowledge, light hearted enthusiasm and compassion about the events of everyday life to bring new levels of awareness, change and congruency, both personally and professionally. Her expertise is directed toward coaching for "outcome specific" results that will bring about wellness and balance in life by the innate intelligence to align the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Sylvia works in the corporate world, as well as maintaining her private practice in Elkhorn, NE. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, NE Chapter, and the Institute for the Advanced Study of Health. She has written and taught a series of articles on handwriting analysis, called "The Marks of the Spirit" as well as a class about Forgery Detection. She is a popular speaker for special events, keynotes and conventions as well as appearances on various TV and Radio talk shows in the region.