Robert A. Johnson

Columbus, GA


phone: 773-620-5614


Who Is Robert A. Johnson?

As a certified life coach through the NLP Institute of California an ICF approved school, I specialize in guiding people in creating the amazing lives they want. I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals and realize their fullest potential. Clients describe my style as “straightforward yet inspiring” and “creative and insightful.”

In my travels as an entertainment executive, educator, photographer, and life coach, I’ve been most successful when I’ve used my talents, strengths and experiences to bring out the best in others. As an entertainment executive, I assisted new artists in developing the technical skills, behaviors and personal qualities that contributed to superior performance, professional fulfillment, and goal accomplishment.

Teaching and learning has always been a constant in my life. I have worked extensively with youth of all ages, from infants to teens. In the Montessori world, I learned patience, freedom with boundaries, respect for my environment, and above all respect for myself. My experience with teens made me realize that “do as I say” didn’t always work—that I must first practice what I preached.

Photography taught me humility—to be quiet, and still and learn from the beauty of nature and the awesome wisdom of time. My ongoing quest for personal mastery led me to study with international leaders in several disciplines, including the Montessori philosophy, Brain Gym, Touch for Health, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and, Life Coaching.

From an early age, I learned to listen to people and gain an understanding of their desired outcomes. As a professional coach, I excel in assisting my clients in transforming their wants into goals, and developing actionable plans to reach those goals. My style is light and fun, yet heartfelt. I have a talent for making people relax, and feel comfortable to share, and inspired to collaborate. I believe life is what you make it, and I bring that sensibility, along with my extensive training and experience, to life coaching. Now, I live my true passion every day as I help people and organizations realize, and live, their fullest potential!