Rick Spehar

Salt Lake City, Utah


Spehar Training Group

phone: 801-381-6334

e-mail: audioman3@yahoo.com


Rick Spehar was introduced to the idea of positive mental attitudes, goal-setting and action plans more than 30 years ago and he has used those techniques to become a successful manager, coach and trainer of individuals and groups. This professional experience has afforded him an opportunity to observe how people use internal dialogue to set goals and communicate with others.

What has fascinated Rick is why some people are able to use these techniques to succeed and others, with the same opportunities and abilities, do not. Rick doesn't just TEACH the concepts of the WealthyMind™ Program—he uses them every day and is a believer in just how effective they can be. He strives to excel in these areas through modeling and continual learning and looks forward to helping others realize the possibilities that exist, while giving them a method to act on their goals.

While others may think that "luck" is what makes you successful, Rick feels that your beliefs are what make you lucky. He regards the WealthyMind™ Program as one of the most effective resources ever developed and he is eager to share his experience to help others discover their potential.