Rainya Dann

Santa Cruz, California


Director, Institute for Transpersonal Studies

420 Happy Valley Road

Santa Cruz, CA. 95065

phone: 831-425-7837

e-mail: rainyadann@yahoo.com


The Institute for Transpersonal Studies provides proven, skill-based programs, events and private consultations that help people heal, develop inner strength and maximize personal and professional potential. This healing-based community is cradled by California's natural beauty, creating a nurturing and inspiring environment for making dreams come true and allowing consciousness to relax back into itself.

The Institute provides private sessions, self-hypnosis training, personal transformation events, Breath Workshops, WealthyMind™ Seminars, and official certification courses in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Voice Dialogue. Here you can acquire tools to heal and transform yourself, help others live more fulfilling lives and/or start a new career as a qualified professional.