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Mike Fink has a truly international and diverse background. With a mostly French and Italian culture-mix, he has lived and worked in many European countries, is fluent in five languages, and holds a degree in Business and Economics from Italy's top business school. After a successful career in investment banking with Morgan Stanley and management consulting with Bain & Company, Mike decided to follow his heart and set a new course for his professional and personal life.

Applying principles similar to those taught in The WealthyMind™ Program, he manifested what he calls his 'personal miracles', a series of windfalls and synchronicities that led him to receive unexpected sums of money and allowed him to earn a Master of Science in Psychology from Yale University. Ever since, his personal Life Mission has been to empower others to replicate his own successes by "helping people manifest their dreams through the power of their Mind and Spirit."

Mike is an NLP Master Practitioner and a certified trainer and hypnotherapist. His work as a coach with leading NLP training institutions, NLP California and Colorado-based, NLP Comprehensive, has earned him unanimous and outstanding reviews. He is now fulfilling his Life Mission by offering The WealthyMind™ Program for people who are ready to experience their own 'personal miracles.'