Mary McMichael

Tampa, Florida


P.O. Box 49157
Tampa, FL 33646
phone: 813-500-4799

Mary McMichael has a mission of assisting others to achieve transformational change in their lives. The primary areas of focus can be summed up as holistic health: financial health, physical health, emotional health and professional health. Mary believes that transformational changes in our lives result from a commitment and intent to change, along with the actions in physical reality that support the change intent.

Mary has a passion for assisting others in achieving their personal and professional goals, and has utilized her NLP Practitioner training to expedite the process of identifying, modifying and moving beyond their limiting beliefs. She has studied a variety of alternative health practices, and is working toward a degree in holistic nutrition. Mary is certified as a provider of Biological Terrain Analysis, the study of body fluids for the indications for immune resistivity and healing.

Mary has spent 30 years in corporate America in various leadership and management positions. She is a qualified and experienced management consultant, with extensive training in Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, the Capability Maturity Model, and Project Management. Mary consults with organizations on overall operability of their technical and operational environments, as well as their capacity and performance management processes.

Join Mary soon for a life-changing experience with the knowledge that you have the ability to transform your life thru intent, commitment and action.