Marilou Seavey



Mind Bridge Trainings

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Marilou Seavey is a thoroughly engaging and entertaining speaker. With over 25 years of presenting NLP Trainings and Silva 2000 programs worldwide, her enthusiasm and wit gifts her audiences with a sense of possibilities.

Extensive travels and work with individual clients make her presentation stimulating and unique. She is the co-author of the Nightingale Conant audio tape program, Universal Mind Power, with Laura Silva and Gerald Seavey. As Vice-president of Silva 2000, Marilou is committed to letting people in on the fact that 'successful and prosperous living can be an enlightening experience.'

Her recent projects include: the creation of an effective communication and self-management program for the staff at the Holyoke Street School, in Massachusetts and she co-developed a research program utilizing stress management and applied visualization, for 'Self Control' at Boston College and was part of the team implementing it in the Boston school system to successfully help combat school drop out, drug abuse, and destructive behaviors. Her skillful presentations and deep understanding of the structure of the human experience provide her audience with the ideal atmosphere for accelerated learning.