Makiko IYAMA

Tokyo, Japan


NLP-JAPAN Learning Center
phone: +81-3-3234-8808


A Complete Mind Body NLP Trainer Therapist

Life Experience:

Makiko worked for a global tour company as an administrator and sales representative, in addition to being a tour conductor. This employment provided Makiko with the opportunity to visit, learn and explore much of Japan and several locations around the world, providing her with an international perspective on people. She is also fluent in both the Japanese and the English languages.

Makiko was also a jewelry and accessory buyer, promoter and product adviser, and sold products on a TV shopping channel. Makiko developed great skill in communication during this employment.

However, earlier in life, Makiko experienced severe negative situations during elementary and Junior High school, from hurtful interaction with adolescent “bullying”, fostering a fundamental negative complex and sense of deep frustration. This permeated her being with “self doubt”. Because of this experience, her life always felt incomplete, even though she worked diligently and sought fulfillment during her university studies and employment.

The Role of NLP in Her Life:

Through the NLP learning process, she identified the source of these childhood issues and was able to not only recover, but also discover how wonderful it is to experience her “true human self.” This personal experience and transformation makes Makiko a passionate advocate of the NLP process.

While learning NLP, her emotional experience substantially improved. Her perspective was changed from exposure to "the Wealthy Mind training”, which has established and attracted new events and positive life experiences. This tangible improvement fostered Makiko’s keen interest in being an NLP trainer, and as she learned more, also becoming a therapist. Makiko has learned that people have the capacity to achieve positive change in them selves from the NLP process and the skills that it teaches.

NLP substantially changed her life when she healed her childhood pain and discovered the real values in life. Therefore, she wants to share NLP with other people to allow them the same opportunity for transformation. She decided to become an NLP trainer. During this entire process, she also learned energy hearing. Now she works and instructs a variety of people for enhancement of both their mind and body. Her core theme is:

"Complete mind and body integration – to find your truth"