Kate Warren

United Kingdom


Website: The WealthyMind™

Phone: +44 (0)845 833 2446

email: ask@thewealthymind.co.uk


Kate Warren is a NLP based coach and trainer. She works with senior leaders in the UK's most successful companies, as well as entrepreneurs and business owners, helping them develop leadership and communication skills. Kate is passionate about helping people to unlock their personal and professional potential in pursuit of their dreams. Her business success was recognised in 2008 when she was selected to join Courvoisier the Future 500, an elite group of the 500 rising stars of British business.

For many years Kate has been curious about how excellence occurs wondering, "what is the difference that makes the difference?" This fascination led Kate to many years of studying, working with, and teaching success principles. In pursuit of excellence, Kate was drawn to studying NLP, the change tools that make excellence possible for everyone. In recent years Kate has been combining NLP tools with the Law of Attraction, to help people consciously create the reality they want.

Kate is the UK's first certified WealthyMind™ trainer, and has worked closely with Tim and Kris Hallbom, the co-developers of the WealthyMind™ to bring the programme to the UK. Kate enjoys, through this programme, helping people to cultivate a mindset that attracts positive results. As a trainer, Kate is noted for her charismatic style, her enthusiasm, warmth, and sense of humour. Attending a training delivered by Kate is an uplifting, inspiring, and exciting experience.