Jose Antonio "Joseph" Calcano-Young

Miami, Florida


1801 SW 83 Ave

Miami Florida 33155
phone: 786-262-9176 (English / Spanish)


People Communication Skills Trainer and Coach Jose Antonio 'Joseph' Calcano. Sr., is a Keynote Speaker in Latin America, and a PNL (NLP in Spanish) Columnist, International Corporate Trainer for more than twenty-five years, and Small Business Owners Coach for five years, is one of the foremost Spanish speaking corporate people skill trainer using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). He is the people skills trainer of choice for – the Spanish-speaking people in the US, Central, South America and the Caribbean Countries.

He has also train several promotions of NLP Practitioners from the Instituto Internacional de PNL (NLP in Spanish). In his role as Founder, former President and now as Senior Traveling Trainer for TOP IN COMPANY TRAINING SOLUTIONS, (he sold the company in year 2000 and moved to Miami from were he travels to all Latin America and Spain) serving Central, South America, the Caribbean and Spain, he delivers "Habilidades y Destrezas Humanas para el Trabajo y la Vida" Human Skills and Dexterity under the slogan "vale un gramo de vivencia practica que una tonelada de teor’a. A gram of vivid practice is worth more than a ton of theory. He is the author of "Ejercicios de PNL para Operadores de Call Center – and -Vendedor quien dijo miedo – Exercises for Call Center Operators – & Salesperson who said fear" both in Spanish.

Jose Antonio 'Joseph' Calcano. Sr., is a member of the Global NLP Training and Consulting Community-GTC. He is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and Authorized Trainer of the NLP University and Dilts Academy of Trainers. A Certified Trainer of the Coaching Clinic from the Corporate Coaching section of Coach University . A certified NLP Coach from NLP Institute of California. Has studied NLP Metaprograms Words that Change Minds – Language of Influence – Lab Profile with Shelle Rose Charvet in Canada . Corporate and Small Business Coaching in Coach Ville, with the late Thomas Leonard. He is currently working for his Advanced Hypnotherapy Certification for the state of Florida.

Jose Antonio has pioneered the growth of PNL-NLP- and phone-coaching in the corporate environment in Venezuela, his wife's homeland, were he is also a certified radio and TV broadcaster – Locutor de Radio y TV- which he has used to help the growth of NLP and its presuppositions also to help people manage their life with NLP. He has already started do it in the Miami area.

Every year for the past four years he leads the NLP Practitioner Training for TOP In Company Training Solutions and the Instituto Internacional de PNL in Venezuela and contributes with the Peruvian NLP Practitioner of INFODE. Since he is now living in Miami he has opened the NLP Practitioner in Spanish and English for the local community and business people. And offers his services as Growth Coach, Business Trainer of the Coaching Clinic, and as a Trainer in: People Skills for Sales, Supervision, Team Building, Communication, Call Center Training, etc. One on one consultation as a Master Practitioner, for the participants to his trainings, Business people and the General Community, in English or Spanish.
In 2004 and beyond he is and will be devoting much of his time to the everyday powerful and empowering WealthyMind™ program, his goal is to help 1,000,000 friends, in different countries with these ground breaking, scientific and proven techniques.

Why choose Jose Antonio 'JOSEPH' Calcano-Young as a trainer for my company needs instead of someone else?
Joseph becomes part of your team. He wants to learn fully your needs, he wants recurring business with you due to his usefulness to you and your business. He adapts programs to your needs in English or Spanish. Joseph, is a trainer and coach that stays current, up to date, in what he does, he invests a great deal of his income in it. Also he searches for the cutting edge programs that are ground breaking and best in America, like the Coaching Clinic of Coaching University, Tim and Kris Hallbom's WealthyMind Program, and the Leadership Systems and Programs of the IsvorDilts at Silicon Valley in California. The NLP Practitioner Programî Certification and Authorized Trainer of the Robert Dilts Authorized Academy of Trainers, in NLP University. Joseph really-really wants to make a difference for your company so your company can feel the for good difference, he is all concerned that your people in your company or business develop the skills you feel, see, or listen that is needed, and after the training they can develop the unconscious expertise.

What if after the seminar, clinic, training, course, there is a need for additional assistance?
Joseph has developed a coaching mode called Didacto Coaching for those cases. It usually is by telephone, in a way were all participants can benefit from it at a very affordable cost and at the same time, were all learners stay together, and learn from each intervention, and can interact among them even if they are in different parts of the city, state or country at that moment.