Jane Mannette

Tijeras, New Mexico


P.O. Box 2680
Tijeras, New Mexico 87059
phone: 505-281-0364

cell: 954-914-2445

e-mail: janemannette@yahoo.com


Ms. Mannette started her career in Michigan over 30 years ago after graduating from Wayne State University.  She was founder and Executive Director of a treatment facility for at risk women in the early 70’s funded by National Institute of Mental Health.  Ms. Mannette has served on the board of directors for more that 20 community based organizations.  Her desire to serve and make a difference in people’s lives is well documented.

Joining a private practice in the South East Michigan Area as psychotherapist marks one of her most rewarding experiences helping peoples change their lives thru individual and group therapy.  After several years of working as a psychotherapist she started an illustrious career as a Trainer and Personal Development Speaker conducting seminars and workshops in self-esteem, communication, problem solving, leadership and entrepreneurial mastery.  Here is where she got her first introduction to Neuro-linguistic programming NLP.  Ms. Mannette became a NLP Trainer in 1988. She has used these practices and principles throughout her career and in business to obtain remarkable success often in amazingly short periods of time.  More overly, she has been able to help countless others achieve their dreams as well.

Ms. Mannette is truly living her passions, mentoring, coaching, training and inspiring others to realize their life dreams nationally and internationally. She has trained hundreds of thousands of people globally in entrepreneurial excellence. She loves to share her talent, expertise, and passion for creating unlimited success and fulfillment for anyone who is ready for their lives to change dramatically.

Currently, Ms. Mannette lives in Tijeras, New Mexico in the mountains 7000 feet above sea level. She has over a 16,000 independent distributors sales force in Xango, a Network Marketing global company that is expanding rapidly.  She has  various business interests. The Wealthy Mind™ Experience is a most prized tool in her store of seminars and services. She finds sharing this totally life changing belief change program extremely purposeful, empowering and rewarding. In the fall of 2007, Ms. Mannette is very happy to announce the launching of an NLP private practice in Coaching and Transformational Change, working exclusively with high achievers.