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Spanish Fork, Utah


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Spanish Fork, Utah 

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Christy Carter is an experienced Trainer, Certified Mediator/Facilitator, NLP Life Coach, & Master Level Rapid Eye Therapy Technician. Over the last 15 years, she has gathered a wide range of knowledge from both personal and professional experiences. Her passion is working with people who are consciously seeking to expand their understanding of self –discovery, our connection to each other, and the principles of this vast universe. She is known for her unique combination of charisma, humor, and sincerity that easily engages her participants on their mutual journey of learning.

She began her path as a Rapid Eye Therapy Technician 13 years ago while raising her family and working with clients. Christy continued to expand her interests and has been a Certified Mediator for nine years with extended training in several Mediation models. While employed at Ada County Juvenile Court Services in Boise, Idaho she had the opportunity to work with many young people and their families as a Victim/Offender, Parent/Child, and Community Group Conferencing Mediator. In 2005 she completed her certification through the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) & Coaching Institute of California as a Professional Life Coach. Her coaching experience includes personal, professional, and team coaching.

As a Trainer for the Wealthy Mind™ Program she has found a great combination for applying her own understanding of the principles of this universe with a renown and proven program that offers changing results. Her most cherished and vested interest, however, is her role as a mother of seven beautiful children who have taught and individually modeled for her so much of what she has to offer today. Whether working with a group or one on one, Christy offers a sincere blend of fun, high energy, and safety. She applies her skills, and knowledge in a relaxed and natural way that supports her clients in discovering and applying their highest desired potential in life’s on going process.