Bob Bisaillon



Rich Life

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Bob Bisaillon has been a corporate trainer at sites throughout the U.S. for 25 years. He has studied NLP for 7 years and coached NLP classes for 4 years.

Bob and Susan Sanders: Bob and Susan met as participants during a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) workshop series dedicated to health and well being. They became fascinated with the power of language, beliefs, and metaphors and have published two articles on how these areas relate to health. Today they apply these passions and learning to helping others create a Rich Life – which is the name of their company. In addition to facilitating The WealthyMind™ Program they both offer opportunities for individual coaching.

Rich Life's Mission

"We help people live the lives they really want.

Together, we identify what they want

…what gets in the way,

…and how to get what they want now.

We use a proven process to take their desires into every day life."