Samantha C. Sinclair MA, CPCC, CCHT

San Francisco Bay Area, California


phone: (510) 854-6614



Samantha Sinclair is a certified coach, NLP master​ practitioner​, and clinical hypnotherapist​ with a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area​. She ​attended the Coaches ​Training ​Institute, NLP Marin, NLP & Coaching Institute of California, ​the Relationship Coaching Institute, Robbins-Madanes Training, ​and​ the​ Hypnotherapy Training Institute. She holds a bachelor’s degree in ​cinema​ from San Francisco State University, and a master’s degree in ​Women, Gender, Spirituality and Social Justice​ from California Institute of Integral Studies.​ ​An engaging speaker, Sam facilitates Wealthy Mind™ workshops to teach students how ​grow an abundance mindset so that they may prosper in their lives.

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